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A kink in the cross-cut handsaw blade

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One of my most painfully embarrassing moments was my haste in making a cut some forty-five years ago with my grandfather's Henry Disston cross cut handsaw.  I caused a kink in the blade.  Can this be repaired?  Everytime I look at it and want to use it I kick myself over again.  I love the thin kerf of this saw and really want to use it.  I would very much appreciate your advice.  Grand Dad was a master furniture craftsman - in comparison to him I simply make smaller pieces of wood out of larger ones...  Thank you all.  Reverend Wayne

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Can this be repaired? Perhaps (post #170926, reply #1 of 2)

I suggest contacting one or more current saw makers to see if they offer repair service. Lie Nielsen ( would be a place to start. They may need to inspect the saw to determine if the kink can be removed.

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Thank you Ralph.  I am a (post #170926, reply #2 of 2)

Thank you Ralph.  I am a customer of theirs yet never considered asking them.