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Freud 8" Dovetail saw

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Does anybody have any experience with the Freud 8" Dovetail Saw?


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Don't know about 8" dovetail saw.  Do you mean 8" box joint blade?


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Jerry, i didn't know Freud made hand saws until I saw one on Craigslist Boston. They also make a larger 12" Freud Brass back dovetail saw, Gents saw, and several conventional cross and rip saws.

I have always has fine experiences with their tools, blades, bits, and vacumes.



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Did a Google and there they are.  Perhaps Charles M. will catch this thread and give us some info.



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All of our saws were made in England. They are now discontinued but still available through some of our dealers. Let me know if I can answer any questions.

Charles M
Freud America, Inc.
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I bought one a number of years ago and it was a pretty decent low cost saw, albeit with a rather bulky and boxy handle.  IIRC it was 20 pt. with a saw plate thickness not much more than LN or Adria.

After "X" number of year it needed resharpening and as I was in the York, PA area, I stopped at Steve Cooke's place of business.  Steve said he wouldn't resharpen at 20 pt. (can't remember why), so I had him retooth the saw to a 14 pt. rip pattern and it made a very nice saw.  I also made a new handle for it in the style of an Adria that I also have.  Long story short, the Freud with a new handle and at 14 pt. is now a very nice saw!  With the original cost plus the retoothing, I probably don't have much more than $45 or $50 in it, not counting my time or the piece of scrap cherry I used for the handle.  In its stock form, 20pt. was a bit too fine for my liking.