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Carving Chisel Storage?

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Hi.  I have several Pfeil carving chisels and am curious to see how others store their chisels. Pictures would be appreciated.



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I keep all my carving tools, Pfeil also, in chisel rolls.  It protects them, and makes it easy to put away when I'm finished.


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I use a tool roll like Jeff.  I don't carve a whole lot, so they are often stored under the bench.  When I am using them, they sit on the bench.  I like the octagonal handles on the Pfeils which don't roll around much.

Chris @ flairwoodworks

 - Success is not the key to happines.  Happiness is the key to success.  If you love what you are doing, you will be successful. - Albert Schweitzer

Chris @

 - Success is not the key to happiness.  Happiness is the key to success.  If you love what you are doing, you will be successful. - Albert Schweitzer

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Ditto the toolrolls.

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I don't keep mine in my smallish garage workshop.  They're indoors on magnetic wall racks above a bench in the utility room of my mostly finished basement, where I draw up plans, carve etc.  The ordinary chisels in the garage are in canvas rolls.


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I am sort of in a state of transition, i.e. am making a dedicated carving station which is/will be incorporated into a shaving horse.

Right now I use a desk that has one of them sliding computer keyboard trays mounted underneath.  I keep my Pfeil chisels on it.  It works really well as they are handy and when not in use they store under the desk out of the way.

My plan to get out of the transition is to incorporate a keyboard tray into the horse and also use a roll to hold the chisels.


Bob @ Kidderville Acres

A Woodworkers mind should be the sharpest tool in the shop!

Bob @ Kidderville Acres

A Woodworkers mind should be the sharpest tool in the shop!

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I have many, many carving tools and have wrestled with the storage issue that allows for convenient access to tools/portablity for years.  After much thought and trial and error, I ended up building a cabinet measuring 15x24x24.  It is really nothing fancy and I do not own a digital camera so posting a picture is not an option.  It was made in a few hours with plywood, glue and nail gun.  I think I made it as test project originally but it has served me well for years.

The top is made of 1/2 inch ply and has holes of various diameter drilled through it.  About 2" below it is a piece of 1/4" ply with the same holes.  Each tool has its own opening and they are placed in the carrier vertically.  The trick is to drill a hole that the chisel will fit through but the handle will not.  For example a 3/4" hole will work  fine on everything up to a 16mm.  I have over 100 tools that are kept in this manner.  Underneath are various drawers/shelves that store other odd sized carving tools, patterns, knives, misc sharpening odds and ends.  It has handles that make it easy to transport.

Each row is a different type of tool.  For example, I have a row for 2s, another for 3s, then 5s etc.  I also take a black sharpie and write on several areas on the handle the size of the tool so it is veiwable at a glance w/o having to remove the tool.

I own a few tools rolls but HATE them.  Not only do they take up bench space and get covered with chips but I always seem to get cut getting my tools in and out.  In fact, the only time I use them is when it is absolute necessity.  Like going to a seminar or class where space is limited.  Seems no matter how careful I am I always seem to get sliced.

A friend of mine (with fewer tools) built a tabletop version of the above the size if a 5 gallon bucket.  It was built on a lazy susan type swivel.  It held about 25-30 tools and at the end of the day he dropped it into his bucket and went on his way.  Very convenient and safe.