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Adjusting Stanley Low-Angle Block Plane No. 60-1/2

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I am trying to adjust my Stanley - Low-Angle Block Plane No. 60-1/2, after grinding and honing its blade. The blade moves forward/backward through its mouth via a depth adjustment knob at the back of the plane. The knob has a very limited range. A second part of the adjustment involves three slots on the blade. One of these three slots is engaged, followed by a tightening of the lever cap.

Unfortunately, using any of these three slots and the very limited range of the depth adjustment knob, results in the blade extending too far below the sole of the plane or not extending at all.

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If your 60 1/2 is a recent (post #148621, reply #1 of 1)

If your 60 1/2 is a recent manufacture like mine - made in Mexico and bubble packaged - the brass adjustment wheel and steel screw should have a range of about 25 full turns.

If you have substantially less than that, there is a possibility that the tapped threading in the plane body, or the screw thread itself,  is incomplete or defective.

Setting the adjuster 'dog' in the lowest slot (closest to the bevel)  allows me to correctly position the blade - with the brass knob/screw almost fully screwed in.

Also someone may have inserted the blade bevel-down - when it should be bevel-up.

There are several variations of the 60 1/2 - and different blade slot patterns to boot. If you have an older English or US made plane - you might check to see you have the correct iron for it.

My Mexican plane is poorly made for sure - but at least I can get the blade projection right.