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Zyliss Vise parts question

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When I made this post, I clicked on "select a folder". I thought I would see TOOLS. I thought incorrectly, I guess.  There is a catagory called TOOLS in the site header BUT it does not appear in "select a folder".  I apologize to readers that I could not post in the CORRECT place. This new format of Fine Woodworking is a step backward. I wish "they" knew the logic of "just keep it simple,stupid".  Just a personal opinion, I'm sure there are lots ah guys that like it better now. I just know that those that like it better are younger than I. Wake up Finewoodworking, you are loosing your base/foundation. Why........ cause YOU made the mistake to believe all the new "techie" web designers. Trust me, they don't have a clue, prolly never been in a shop where REAL work gets done. All my design professors taught me that "the simpliest design that gets the job done has to be the best." I prolly should have this engraved on my gravestone.

Anyway, I'm frustrated. (Can you tell) I have spent WAY to long doing a Google search for replacement parts for a Zyliss Woodworking Vise. Wouldn't ya think if you typed in Zyliss Woodworking Vise, that you would go to their main site that directed you to U.S. dealers that could accomodate a replacement part order request. NOT!

Please help. I lost both spring clamp holders that allow one to clamp the vise to a table's edge. I need your help. (Down on one knee)

 I sure don't understand how come a nice product like this vise doesn't have a web site??? Thru my search, I have discovered they are also into the cooking product arena also. I'll bet those products are good also. Why do companies like this and Tupperware/Clone/Similar/Good market their excellent products by such LAME methods???  Maybe, they hired the same people that designed this NEW Finewoodworking website??? hehe  But, I suspect it must be a Swiss thing. I own a lovely and expensive Swiss watch called Rado. Heck, they have a web site, but it's had to find a retailer in the U.S. that carries their clearly superior product.  Go figure .

And thanks in advace for your help.

Don Carkhuff (Retiring in June after 34 years as Woodworking/C.A.D. Teacher)

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Thaks Eddie,

I previously found Advanced Machinery but they don't sell the part I require. It's the 2 clamps that clamps the vise to a table.

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Take a look at E-bay they sometimes have such things.


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Have you been able to find the parts you needed? It's been 4 years, but thought I'd ask. I found them on "".