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Where are plans for tool cabinet?

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I am considering building a tool cabinet.  It could hang on the wall, or be a cabinet on a cabinet.

My request is -- does anyone know of any links to plans, plans in books, etc., where I can order such plans.


Alan - planesaw

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Yep, got the book.  I have drooled all through it.  With limited woodworking time I am hoping to find a tool cabinet that I like that also has a great set of plans.  I can make specific modifications as to size or number of drawers, etc., but I don't want to have to start completely from scratch.

Thanks for reminding me of the book.

Alan - planesaw

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My recollection of the book was that it had some plans (not exactly blueprints, but exploded parts drawings with measurements).  I guess it's been awhile since I drooled on mine.  I just built a little rolling cabinet similar to one in the book (didn't use plans but maybe should have ;-)) - some pics here:

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Your recollection is correct -- exploded illustrations, but no plans.  And, yes, I have seen your rolling cabinet in another post.  Those photos have added to my desire to build a tool cabinet.  Thanks for posting them.

Also like your saw till.  I have similar plan by Galoots I want to make.  Got any #12s?  #112s in there?

By the way, I see you are a couple of hours south of me.  What kind of work do you do?  Anything related to woodworking?

Alan - planesaw

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Thanks, Alan. 

I made the saw till many years ago, and did go roughly by the Galoot's plan from the net.  And I do indeed have a couple of 12s, and it's funny you should ask as I was using one today.  I like the 12s and 7s best, though I don't dislike the more common 8s and 23s.

As for my work, it's completely unrelated to woodworking - a desk job in the guv-mint.  Woodworking is, alas, just a hobby for me.

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I agree with your saw selection.  You may know that 9619 (Mel) is also a guv mint worker at NASA headquarters. 

I lead a mid to large size nonprofit so mine isn't a desk job.  I enjoy my work, but I also enjoy woodworking.  Great stress relief.

Alan - planesaw

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This quick to make tool cabinet was in Fine Woodworking #188, a picture of it is attached.

quicktoolc.jpg17.35 KB
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Lee Valley has a set of plans for a hanging tool cabinet.

Blurb indicates that it is expandable in design, i.e. you can make it somewhat larger or smaller to fit your needs.


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Yeah, and I have had my eye on it on their website, for consideration.


Alan - planesaw

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Popular Woodworking December 2004. Picture on the cover. I should get mine finished sometime this spring.

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Yes, Chris Schwartz's tool cabinet.  That is one of several mags I have set aside for consideration.

Alan - planesaw

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Here's a link to the PDF for the cabinet Moksha attached a picture of.  You have to be a paid member, I think, to see it:

forestgirl -- you can take the girl out of the forest, but you can't take the forest out of the girl ;-) 

forestgirl -- you can take the girl out of the forest, but you can't take the forest out of the girl ;-) 

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Thanks.  And I am a member.  Lot of things I like about this cabinet.

Alan - planesaw

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PLANS?! You don't need no steenkin' plans! Look for ideas then mix/ match/ modify and adpat to your needs. And if you go modular, you
a) can try / practice different joinery
b) move things around to find the configuration that works for you
c) modify existing modules or replace one or more without having to build a new cabinet
d) use up what might otherwise be scraps
e) get continuous gratification on quickly completing a series of sub-prjects
And, if you build the carcase and doors first,
you can get it off the bench and on the wall to make room for the first module. Put that in the cabinet and there's room for the next module, plus - some of your tools can start finding their homes as you continue.

This was my second or third project - half blinds for the carcase, finger joints, through dovetails, sliding dovetails, dadoes, rabbets, etc. - a real joinery expedition (My first project was the router table/cabinet for the JoinTech Cabinet Maker System - used for much of the joinery for the wall cabinet and modules).

If you go modular, you'll be amazed at how much stuff you can get in very little space - if you plan well.

charlie b

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The plans simply become ideas for me as to how people have accomodated various tools, whether shelves, drawers, modulars, etc., etc.

My woodworking time is so limited that I want to simply see other plans to get ideas as to what my tool cabinet will look like.

But, thanks for your ideas.  I think we are thinking similarly, I just would prefer to speed up my learning process and learn from other people's successes instead of my mistakes.


Alan - planesaw

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Alan, you said Cabinet, so I am assuming you want to hang it on the wall. I am building a 42" cabinet from the plans sold by Lee Valley, and another 36" cabinet from the Plans Now company.

As a 3rd alternative, you'll find some excellent plans (with considerable detail) in Taunton's "The Toolbox Book." I refer to free standing cabinets, but they could easily be mounted on a wall.

The latest FWW magazine issue has yet another approach, especially interesting in the way tools are nested inside.

Gary Curtis
north of San Francisco

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Yes, hanging on the wall has been my primary thought, but I have also thought about a rolling cabinet.  My wall space is full and limited.

But, since I am getting a little more space in our shop (my wife is closing her small picture framing business, about 8k to 10k frames a year) I am thinking through how I am going to re-arrange a few pieces. 

Thanks for the plansnow website.  Didn't know about it.  Am very familiar with the magazines connected with it, just not the website.  That gave me some more ideas.

Alan - planesaw