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What to do with scrap nails

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I do a lot of work with reclaimed wood, scraps from construction and cabinetry shops, etc.  As a result I accumulate buckets of old nails and screws that I have removed from the used wood.

Does anyone know if metal recycling centers will take these or are they just garbage?  I would like to recycle them if at all possible (I understand the money is not likely to be extravagant), but I haven't seen anything online that would indicate I can do this.  Anyone have any ideas on what to do with them?

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In my area (Vermont) the recycling centers associated with the local dump will take scrap metal.  They take it for free. So you get nothing in return. However there are salvage companies that will pay a nominal amount (about $0.02 per lb)for the scrap metal. The buisnesses that work with junk cars in your area may be able to tell you someone who you can work with.

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or are they just garbage?

Hardly.. Any old metal is worth recycling if you can. As far as I know many garbage pickup services have recycling trucks or pick out metal from the garbage. Call you pick-up service and ask?

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