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walnut cutting board

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Can I use walnut to make a cutting board????   I have some nice walnut and maple and want to make a cutting board.  Is this ok???

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Walnut has a pretty large pore size.  Cutting boards generally are made of hardwood lumber that has small pore size.  Maple, Birch, etc.  Keeps grease from being absorbed as much which could turning rancid.

PlaneWood by Mike_in_Katy

PlaneWood by Mike_in_Katy (maker of fine sawdust!)

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Not only that but it will get real ugly soon. Teak and maple are about it, but maple gets ugly too. I prefer teak as it resists absorption of water and juices like from meat. Plus it holds its color for a long time so it doesn't become an eyesore in the kitchen. I have a 36 x 24" section next to the stove and it's great. Every couple years I just take a cabinet scraper to it and it looks like new.

Dave of Fla.