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Trestle base for a large Cypress Slab

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Hi All,

I am forunate to have bought a 3" thick x 44" wide x approx 12' long previously submerged (100 years+) cypress slab.  I am wanting to build a proportional trestle base for it and would like to see examples of trestle bases.  Does anyone know where I might look to find appropriate trestle base pictures to craft a base.

Best to all,


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Trestle Base (post #170821, reply #1 of 2)

I typed in Trestle Base in google images - but appropriate ?


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It Is A Shame (post #170821, reply #2 of 2)

Hi Don,

A person from the past here on Knots going by the name of Lataxe build a table with a "Hay rake" base that was nice.  You might have found that useful though not exactly what you asked for.

It is a shame because the photos are all removed or lost.

In any case you might look up hay rake tables.

Personally I am not so impressed with the full on trestle base just from an imagined and considered stand point.  I have not much experience there.

Here is a book that you might like.


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