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Is there something wrong with this forum's filter?

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This forum rejects as spam the most basic posts.  What is wrong with this system? It is nearly unworkable.

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Same problem with me. On (post #170288, reply #1 of 16)

Same problem with me. On advice from the Taunton help team I created a second user name. My posts under both user names, ie, Sgian Dubh and Richard Jones are rejected. After eleven or twelve years posting at Knots I've had to give up... unless this attempted post slips through, in which case I may try to start posting again. Unfortunately, this version of the Knots forum is so quiet and underused compared to how it was four or five years ago, there's seldom much debate and exchange of ideas generated. Slainte.

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Quit Forum (post #170288, reply #5 of 16)

Richard, this forum has been broken for at least 4-5 years and there has been absolutely no effective repair.  Nor has there be any acknowledgement of the issues or indication they are being worked on.

I have given up using this forum and moved to a couple of others that have effective software and responsive administrators.  It's too bad as I have been been a user for ten or more years.

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Moved (post #170288, reply #7 of 16)

you just stop by to bash this forum ?   Howie - calm down the lacquer thinner is making you grumpy ! Ten years is a long time - hang in there-


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spam filter (post #170288, reply #10 of 16)

third- or maybe FORTH times a charm. spam filter-replies not accepted. Read-message administrator also Geine, LisaMorgan epirnik..ALL to not avail. new users are not allowed to 'message' anyone. Yeah this may be a cool place, but I too have questions to ask...But how?

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Is something wrong with this forum's filter? (post #170288, reply #2 of 16)

You must be on to something. For a long time I was a regular participant in the Knots discussions. Outside issues kept me away for a period of time. When I returned I was not able to post. No - it was not porn. I tried several approaches with no luck.

Frustrated I stayed away until a 2nd attempt this morning. Let's see if I am able to post this time.


Edit - I must have combed my hair properly this time. Hooray!

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the "filter" (post #170288, reply #3 of 16)

The behavior of the (alleged) spam filter appears to be completely random, regardless of content or membership duration. Some get nailed (rejected) all the time with the simplest of content, while others don't. Once you are rejected, it appears to set a spammer cookie, so additional attempts are also rejected. Sometimes, logging off, clearing cookies for this site, and logging back in will resolve the issue temporarilly.

The ultimate solution (other than a rational software change) is to contact Gina Eide (username geide) and request to be put on the filter-bypass list.

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'ay I might ask a favor of yah some time. Know what I mean. (post #170288, reply #4 of 16)

Arrrr avast me hearties ! ! ! (when is Talk Like a Pirate day any way ?)

Hey . . . it is a good old boys club roundjhehr.

Yah gotta get in line, play by the rules, don't make waves, pay your dues . . .

well mostly you just need to get on the magic list.

Here are a couple of threads that explain things. As if any of this makes any sense.  But I ask you, when was the last time you came across much of anything that actually "made sense" , other than woodworking of course. ?

This is "the link bellow" in that thread

>Taunton help team<

Hah, hah, hah . . .

The Taunton help team out numbers the actual number of active users.

We can bring it back though, all we got to do is begin a Knots Spring

sort of like the Arab Spring only older, wiser, well rounded (better fed) and without guns (at least initially ).

Who's with me me hearties ?  Grab your boarding axes !


PS: you will know when it has come to pass and you are really a "Cool Guy" because you will be able to use more than one exclamation point or question mark without triggering the spam filter.  That makes sense right ?????

I am not kidding; it is true. (though despite it being true it doesn't keep it from being funny, silly, ridiculous . . . well fill in your own terms as may occur to you ).

Just keep the definition of the word "paradox" firmly posted some where in your computer area and you will do fine.

:   )


Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe. Abraham Lincoln ( 54° shaves )

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Hmmmmm (post #170288, reply #6 of 16)


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me too! (post #170288, reply #8 of 16)

It has happened to me also.  I have only tried posting once in the last year or so and it took me about half a dozen very frustrating tries to get past the filter.  The thread was about woodworking books and I think the fact that I was listing book titles and their authors was what was setting off the filter, because when I reposted the same comment but removed the titles and authors it worked just fine.  it was very frustrating, especially since the thread was about woodworking books and it only makes sense that book titles and authors would be a part of the thread.  Anyways after finding out what was giving the filter fits it finally accepted my post.  it is unfortunate that the filter has such tight restrictions.  FWW please fix this!  We are paying good money for this site and we would love to use it to its full potential!


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OK you too (post #170288, reply #9 of 16)

Think of it as a kind of video game.  Find out where the weapons are hidden, the booty traps etc.

Some sheet.

I actually don't play video games but find myself playing this one anyway.

Sick huh ?

book link example :

See what I mean ?


Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe. Abraham Lincoln ( 54° shaves )

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Video game results (post #170288, reply #11 of 16)

Two days ago I got bit by the spam filter again.  I had just made three posts and then it happened.  So I copied and pasted the text into Word and waited a few hours.  Got blocked again.  Then another few hours - same result.  I was beginning to think it was something with the text. 

Finally I waited a couple of days and copied the same text from the Word file and it posted.  So this trial and error scientist says the spam filter kicks in on frequency.  At least that, to me, is one of the triggers.

Now, would someone go answer that question I've been waiting so long to post!

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What I think (post #170288, reply #12 of 16)

I believe the filter sets a cookie when it thinks you are a spammer. Sometimes, it looked like logging off, and back in would clear the problem, but not always. Clearing the Taunton cookies seemed to help, but that has other ramifications, too.

I've made recommendations to the FWW editors on several occasions, based on extensive experience running online forums, but to no avail.

If you can get in touch with  Ed Pirnik (user epirnik) via the Knots messaging system, ask to get on the "trusted user" list.

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too funny (post #170288, reply #13 of 16)

Don't get around to here much anymore, but saw this thread still going and I find it funny the expectation that you can actually post withouth interference when it still says  "BETA" on the formum header.  

  I've never seen a forum abandoned like this one was.   

...For that old machine lovers:

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Beta (post #170288, reply #14 of 16)

Perhaps someone was confused, and thought "Beta" was the same as the Hawaiian word "Bettuh".  ;-)

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Abandoned... (post #170288, reply #15 of 16)

bones wrote:
  I've never seen a forum abandoned like this one was.

When I first came here I was thinking of getting the online subscription but after seeing how they ran the forum I decided against it.  I wonder if others felt the same way?

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Subscriptions (post #170288, reply #16 of 16)

I let my hard-copy subscription lapse after many years. I may let the online subscription lapse, as well.