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teen gaming problems

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Teen gambling is not illegal everywhere. In the United States today, an 18-year-old can vote, go to war and sign a legally binding contract. But where can he or she legally gamble? More than a few European countries allow teenagers to play card games for cash. So do many Canadian jurisdictions.
Does a young U.S. resident have to go abroad to do the same? Travel may be involved but the trip remains stateside. Although the legal age for entrance to commercial casinos is 21, hundreds of betting sites canada allow teenagers to gamble.
There is much debate over the topic of encouraging young adults to participate. Studies show a correlation between adolescent gambling and risky behavior, including drug use and psychiatric problems.
However, many teenagers are capable of making sound decisions without resorting to compulsion or erratic impulse, as evident by the number of young men and women serving in the armed forces. Teenagers with small bankrolls also tend to place conservative bets to extend playing sessions.
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This is a perennial question. (post #184081, reply #1 of 1)

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