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Standard angle for back of dining chairs

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I'm building dining chairs and I wonder if there is a "standard" angle for the back.  I've been albe to find pretty standard seat heights and depths, but haven't been able to come up with the angle for the back.

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Looked it up in a book I have (Human Dimension & Interior Space ISBN 0-8230-7271-1) The angle varies depending on the type of chair but the angle that is most common among all was 105 degrees from the seat top to the back. The seat angle from the floor was 0 to 5 degrees. Add the two together and you have the back angle to the floor.

I asked my father years ago what the standard dimensions were for a dining chair. He said. "When you find one that's comfortable. Copy it."

Hope that helps.

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You are right about the information you gave.

I would have said the same thing, especially the advice from your father.

It is also a really good idea to make a mock-up chair prior to spending a lot of time and materials on the real thing.  It only takes a day or less to make a fake chair using poplar, alder, plywood, or particle board, screwing everything together with pocket screws.



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The guy who taught me to build chairs, Jeff Miller, never measured anything to a specific length or angle.  His main thought during instruction was always to make a mock up and find what was comfortable, and then work off templates.  Much easier that way to duplicate parts, and not rely on your ability to measure exactly.


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It is usually around three degrees from the horizontal. In restaurants it is less so the people will leave earlier instead of talking.

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you're right... I was gonna say that probobly the last thing you want is a "standard" chair.... much better to build a comfortable one !