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Stain recipe-make red oak look white

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I'm doing a job where new white oak flooring will meet red oak stairs. I'm looking for a stain recipe that I can use on the red oak to make it blend with the white oak flooring. I can experiment, but I thought some sage finsiher might save me the trouble of the experimentation.

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Quickstep, you might try bleaching the red oak to get the pinkish hue out of it...but as for making it really look like white oak, you'd probably have better luck trying to turn lead into gold. The figure (mostly the size of the rays and differences in the width of the earlywood pore band) set the appearance of these two woods apart.

...But bleaching it, followed by a light wash tint (using yellow and/or ochre pigments) might at least give the red oak a comparable color and make the deception less obvious.