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Scrabble Board project... so far.

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Here are some pics now of the game set before applying the finish.  I hand-painted all of the colored squares and stamped the lettering into the appropriate spaces.  The game tiles are also stamped.

I know the game tiles look factory made but they are all hand made... all 100 stinking tiles, cut and then hand sanded on all six sides. 

I finished them over the course of today by laying them all out on hardware cloth as someone here suggested and then sprayed them with polyurethane.

You'll see the game rotates on the base and includes a drawer for storage.

I was lucky to find the Scrabble stamps online but be careful to buy only the official registered version... the knock-off sets don't have the correct points next to the letters.

I had to have the stamps for the game face custom made for this project.  The ones that say stuff like "double word score".

the last pic is of the tile holders but it is kind of hard to see the detail of how they are cut.

here are the pics as of now... I'll have more once it is finished.

BTW, this is the first "paid" woodworking project for me and frankly the first major undertaking in woodworking for me as well... I am thrilled with how nicely it has come together.


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pretty darned impressive! Do you have any close-ups? any "in progress" shots of the square dividers? I'd love to see the details if your willing to take the time to post em.

Looks like a real fun challenge

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wow, that does look really nice.  thanks for posting the pics.

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Let me be the first to put my order in for a wooden Monopoly game!

Seriously, great work. Looks fantastic. By the way, I saw on Ebay a machine (saw) that came out of the scrabble factory that was used to cut those little tiles down to size. 

Here it is if you're interested in cutting 14,000 pieces per hour:


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Very Impressive.  Great work, I would love to see pictures when you have finished it.


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Very nice!

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Its very nice.  I never knew that Scrabble letter stamps existed.  Did you use ink on the letter tiles?  How about the text on the board?

Does an Official Scrabble Dictionary fit in the drawer?


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Beautiful job. Many (27) years ago I made a scrabble set for a very good friend. I did buy a commercial set to get the tiles, but for the board I did an alternative to the "double word", "triple letter" wording which is usual - I inlayed brass dots for word spaces (2 dots for double, three for triple) and brass square bar stock laid the long way to form a sort of dash or hyphen (two for double word, three for triple word). Looked great. My inspiration was a boxed set of wood veneer samples from Constantine's in New York. I divided the board into 3 x 3 square sections (or was it 2x2? whatever works) and made each section of a different veneer. I alternated lighter and darker woods and inlayed brass dividers to mark off the individual squares - I used very thin brass stock inlayed on edge and standing just slightly proud of the surface. The combination of larger square areas of contrasting veneers and the individual tile squares outlined in brass looked pretty good for a guy working out of a spare bedroom at the time.

RE: monopoly board - I wonder if a marquetry guru could do all the property cards out of veneers???  Have to keep the sliver tweezers handy... ;-)