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Saggy table blues

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Hi - I have a long 8' by 4' outfeed table on risers and wheels. When lowered it is the same height as my tablesaw and acts as an outfeed and worktable. When it is raised on wheels it rolls and covers my table saw for storage and to park cars in the garage. Thus, it is U-shaped and does not have any apron on the long side that rolls over and encloses the table table saw. It's made of many 1.5" x 8' KD pine boards I ripped from 2x4's. So each board runs the entire length of the 8' table top.

Here's my question for y'all...I know you're wiser than I and hope you can help with the remedy. My tabletop is starting to sag a bit in the middle AND I just got a new tablesaw so I need to make it almost 2 feet longer. How do I proceed?

I'm thinking about dismantling the top, flipping it over, add 2' in length and attach bed frame angle iron in several places running the length of the newly-elongated-table-top . Seems like it would work, but here's the tricky part. Seems like I should make sure that each angle iron is attached to only one board in several places to allow for wood expansion. Repeat this 4 or 5 times for more angle irons, each iron on only one board. Then I will rely on the stronger-reinforced boards to support their adjacent boards. If I join the angle iron to more than one single board, I'm afraid the top might warp or cup because I've not allowed for expansion.

Does this make sense?