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Radial slice of tree as cuttingboard?

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Had to cut up a Hemlock yesterday (thank you, Hurricane Sandy) and my daughter wanted me to cut a 1/2" thick cross-section "to use as a cutting board".   I told her it would check and split, unless soaked in something like PEG.  She then showed me this URL (small image also attached):

These disks have the pith and all, and violate everything I've experienced with wood movement.   Why won't they split?  

Help - need to save face with my kid ;)

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Boards by Joel? (post #170732, reply #1 of 1)

For years there has been a man in Minnesota making cutting boards from slices of wood.  And whatever he does they stay relatively flat and uncracked.   Many of us have given or been given a cutting board he made.  I received mine from my uncle 40 years ago and it finally develop a radial crack, but other than that it is perfectly flat.  

I believe they were sold under the name "Boards by Joel."   A woman I was working with on a committee  told me with a laugh that it was her uncle.  I think the last name is Anderson or Andersen.    I suspect that her uncle is no longer in the business, but you never know.   Somehow you should be able to make contact.   If you find out something, let us know.,

My neighbor tried to make some boards from a tree cut down in his backyard.  They ended up with a warped surface that waved and twisted like the hills in Wisconsin.