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Plans for Building Carriage Garage Door

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Is anyone aware of any plans or instructions for building a Carriage Garage Door.  I'd love to build one since I can't afford to pay the $3000 - $5000 that they currently charging for a wood 16x7 door.  With the price of these doors, I'm surprised that nobody has published any plans for a woodworker to build them. 

Thanks in advance for your help,


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Doing it right now! Needed two pairs of out-swing, 10' wide, 8' tall arched top doors. Did'nt want to pay 11,000.00 + I was quoted so I'm building them myself. Here are some progress photos. Was planning on submitting a full expose' on them, but for you , here's a taste.
VG fir stiles and rails, two 1/8" sheets of mahogany ply sandwitching 1/2" thermax for the panels. Mortice and tennon joints. Polyurethane glue, two 6" X #10 screws @ each joint and then dry bungs. Two coats sanding primer and two coats water based impervo in the interior. Exterior will recieve a wiping stain then Sikkens, or ce-tol. T.B.D. Insulated glass panels.

The motor / operating system I'm still working on.


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carrage doors (post #74394, reply #5 of 6)


About to start a set of carrage doors for our 1850 gothic revival. They will be similar to yours, very nice, but have you given any though to a motorized concept of opening and closing the doors? Not sure where you live, but does snow become a factor for your consideration? It does for me. So I'm looking for the possible sliding door concept also, but hinge out is my preference.

Thanks, Dale

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 We just finished an English Carriage house about 2 yrs ago . We built 3 sets of elliptical doors (Total 6) Each set measured 8'X8'. We purchased 8quarter mahogany from Steve Wall Lumber in N. Carolina and milled everything in the shop(Carriage House lower level--woodworking,upper level--model trains) Will try and send photos  tomorrow if its not raining. We made the ellipse with the x,y axis and they came out great. Finished with a Gel stain and 5 coats of Sikkens Log Cabin Top Coat  applied with my HVLP. WE hung the doors from the floor joists with Eye bolts to spray them because each door weights about 260lbs. The hinges are 42" strap hinges hand forged and powercoated. They wer made by Kane and Son in Calder,N.C. and powder coated locally.Total price for material $3600.00. plus freight and sweat equity.

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                                                                        Joe mcDonnell 



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I built 2 sets of these last year, plus 3 entry doors to match. Not fancy, but very heavy. Hinges are cultivator shanks from junk yard. Lumber is locally milled SYP 1" thick; dressed and cost $450.00.



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To all.. The doors are NICE!

I made some for my Garage.. Geee why would I need Carriage Doors?
No pictures but I just made a frame with 2 inch rigid foam insulation inside faced front with Cedar planks and inside drywall..

Heavy but WARM in winter... Nothing fancy.. Frame just some old Ash I had around with plywood 45 degree gussets in the corners. Both sides.. A elephant could swing on them!

Have a great day.. Life is wonderful even if you are having a bad day!

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great plans and videos on the sister site (post #74394, reply #6 of 6)

I have an old detatched garage. I'm currently rebuilding it to move my basement wood shop. I'm tired of carrying wood down all those stairs!

I have an old craftsman house. The garage was neglected for decades. Check out the pics!

Had to cut off the overhangs as they were rotted. The plan is to rebuild them when I re-shingle the roof.

Hopefully it will be complete by next spring as I ripped my left bicep tendon from my forearm bone a few days ago. Getting it surgically reattached next week.

It's covered with plastic and heavy duty tarps for the winter.

Does anyone have any links to help out with the convesion? Best method for laying a wood floor? Insulating the floor? Heating? etc.....

I'm currently collecting the materials to build these.

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