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(NOT!) Every Handplane Needs a Tuneup - a video response

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This is a cross post pointing to a topic in the hand tools forum discussing the recent article "Every Handplane Needs a Tuneup" and accompanying video, which pose a significant risk of harming or even ruining good tools unless you know a good deal more than is presented in the article and video. 

That is a strong statement, and I don't mean to sensationalize or criticize, but I have seen people ruin tools with incompete or misleading advice like this. That hurts the user, tool maker, this magazine, and the author. The goal of making a topic accessible is a good one, but sometimes you miss something essential; this is one of those times. 

Check out the topic in the hand tool forum and decide for yourself. My apologies in advance for the shortcomings of the response, I was hoping someone with more experience and credentials would take it on, but the clock was ticking. BTW, the video has quite a few notes in the description field to address comments I've received and unclear bits of the discussion. It's a big topic though, that's way we have books like Garrett Hack's "The Handplane Book"!

best regards,

Pat Megowan

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This is so true Pat.   I (post #170828, reply #1 of 1)

This is so true Pat.   I bought my planes from a little company in Maine. No need to do anything to them other than a mico bevel on the blade ( if you like micro bevels)  and ajust the lever cap screw.