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Need Beginner Woodworking Class

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I have been subscribing to Woodworking magazine for about a year now and have decided I want to take some beginner classes in woodworking.  I have not been able to find any classes in my area.  Does anyone have any ideas on how to find these classes or know of any in the general Los Angeles (San Gabriel Valley) area?  I have tried searching internet and looking in back of magazines, but classes seem to be mostly in the east or northwest.  Thanks for any help.  Deb

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Do you have a Woodcraft store near you?  The have classes.

Where is Orange county from you?

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Hi, thanks for the info.  Orange County is about 20 minutes w/out traffic and about 2 hours otherwise, which is typical for about anywhere in southern CA anymore.  I'll check out the link you provided.  Again, thanks.  Deb

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Unfortunitly, the only classes is know of are at Cerritos College and a college in Poway/San marcos.   There might be a course still available at the Junior college in Costa Mesa, can't remember their name. There is a Trade Tech college in Los Angeles.  Contact the instructors at each of these.  They might know of some other courses closer to you.

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"a college in Poway/San marcos"


Palomar College is in San Marcos, California (on highway 78 between Oceanside and Escondido). Our woodworking department offers more than 55 different courses, three certificates, and an AA degree.

We have a fantastic group of full-time and adjunct instructors. If you are interested in seeing examples of student work, we have a large display at the Del Mar Fair every summer and there are photographs on the website.




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Hi Deb... I did a Google search on 'Woodworking Club' and 'Los Angeles'. Since I'm on the East coast, I only have a vague knowledge of the towns in your area. What I DID come up with is:

Los Angeles Woodworking Guild Ron Goldman (213) 398-5931.

There were also quite a number of other listed woodworking clubs in California, but as I said, I really don't know where they are in relation to you. Give Ron a call. Perhaps he can give you the name of a club nearer to you. Most clubs have beginners classes or at least a group of people who are willing to help the newcommer to this hobby.

SawdustSteve Long Island, NY (E of NYC)

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I'll call Ron.  Thanks for the info.  At least I have some places to start now which will probably eventually lead to me to what I need.  Deb

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Hi Deb... Excuse my manners... I should have started the previous post with.... Welcome to the board. Read the posts. The answers you see will be helpful, both now and later on in woodworking. Don't be afraid to ask questions... it's the best way to learn. Do not be confused when you get 3 or 4 different answers to a question. There are many ways to do almost any proceedure. Most of us have our own favorite way to do a process. It is usually based on the tools and machines we have on hand, or... 'It was the first way I was shown, so that's the way I do it.'


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Check out, look under woodworking supplies directory: plans and instruction. Pickup up a copy of this mag at the woodworking show this weekend. Listed are all the southern cal organizations and schools.

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You mentioned a Woodworking Show this weekend.  Could you let me know where it is?  I know there was one last weekend in Costa Mesa, but can't find one for this weekend in So. California.  Thanks.  Deb

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It was the Costa Mesa show I went to. It's usually in early November each year. Pomona has the same show earlier in the year.

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Alhambra High School has a woodworking class on Thursday nights from 6:30 to 9:45. The instructor usually concentrates on the beginning students during the first half of the class and then helps out the long-termers in the second half. There is a prescribed project for the beginning students, a small jewelry box, but you'd have to sign up at the beginning of the semester (next one is Spring 2005) in order to follow along. The cost for this is $60. There's also a Wednesday night class, but that is for refinishing furniture. Beware some of the equipment, as the upkeep in terms of tooling and alignment is not what it should be, what with budget cuts and careless high school (and adult school) students.

The same instructor for that course also teaches at L.A. Trade Tech College (just north of USC) on Saturdays, which is the class I attend. It's an all-day class, and the space and equipment is a lot better than in Alhambra. It cost more, at about $90 a semester, but there's a lot more hours since it is from 8 am to 4 or 5 pm, so the hourly rate is substantially less. I use to attend Alhambra, but now I can accomplish a lot more at Trade Tech, even if it does chew up my Saturdays.

Cerritos probably has the highest reputation in Southern California and deservedly so. The mandatory 101 class that everybody must take first provides a solid foundation for anybody interested in woodworking. The curriculum is a bit regimented for my taste, but it's certainly worth checking out if you can hack the drive down there. Drop me a line if you have any more questions.

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