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My rant about our healthcare system

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I've been involved with logging throughout the better part of my adult life. My health is pretty much ruined – the working conditions were awful, my insurance doesn't even begin to cover the medical expenses. After years and years of hard work, I can't even afford a competent doctor to take a look at me. Sorry for ranting!

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Your anger is really (post #184146, reply #1 of 1)

Your anger is really relatable to me. I'm in the same boat, honestly – I've been treating my ED for quite some time now and it's one of the most shameful experiences of my entire life. As cliché as that sounds, I've never thought that this is gonna happen to me, y'know? The only saving grace is the fact that you purchase them pills via the web, y'know? Nobody can see your face when you do that :)