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Liquid hide glue shelf life

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I have searched previous listings looking for shelf life of Franklin Liquid Hide Glue to no avail.  Some posts refer to a date on the bottle but I cannot find one.  Franklin's web site says a year but sometimes manufacturers error on the conservative side.  My glue is at least a year old and I do not know how long it sat on Highland Hardware's shelf before I purchased it.  I need to repair an antique dining room chair before Thanksgiving guests arrive.  Buying new glue is not an option in that Highland HW is five hour round trip and the local HD does not stock it.

Thanks in asdvance for your knowledge


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The date on the bottom is coded.  You'll have to go to the Franklin WWW to unravel the code.

Do a sample glue up of scrap stock and give it a test.

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Work Safe,  Count to 10 when your done for the day !!

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No worries, as there is an ironclad way of testing the glue, and you don't need to rely on the date stamped on the bottle.

Put a dab between your first finger and your thumb.  Begin pulling apart and pushing back together your two fingers, with the glue being mashed in between them.  If the glue is sticky and creates strands, (almost like spider webs), then it is still good.  If not, throw it away and get a new bottle.

I've got a bottle as old as yours that is still good.


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The only thing on the bottom of the bottle is a 4.  I did not try Franklin's website to see if this translates to a date.

I will try the sticky fingers approach.