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Interesting Dust Collector Design

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I saw this dust collector on eBay and was intrigued by the way it has the door and eliminates the need to take it apart to empty it.



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Bet you have to do a lot of clean up after you open that door.


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No doubt about it, but it still might be easier than having to take it apart :)

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"...but it still might be easier than having to take it apart :)"

What do you mean by that? I'm shopping for a cyclone and it looks like, with Oneida, Grizzly and Penn State, you release the lid and slide the collector drum out from under the cyclone. Is there some horrible secret the mfrs aren't telling me?

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   I found some epoxy lined 55 gallon barrels that once had "Cherry Chip Chocolate" in them, so making the drums liquid tight, they have a lever and band that easily tightens and seals the top lids.

  I cut a viewing window in the side and used aluminum channel material and 1/4" thick Plexiglass from Home Depot.

  To make those large barrels easier to empty, I placed six of 1" diameter roller bearings on the bottom, so the center of gravity is low.  They roll easily on concrete and allow about 1/2" of space to get a rubber tired two-wheel dolly under it to let me roll it out to shrubs, garden, or to the garbage pickup when I've chips and sawdust from Walnut or pressure treated wood...

  I built my own collection system from parts found at the local monthly flea market.  The $75 cyclone came from a company in Oklahoma that ground corn meal; because of health codes of food processing, it's made totally of stainless steel.  The two aluminum 3"X 12" diameter blowers cost $20 each, and the General Electric 3,450 rpm motors came from Harbor Freight for $85 each.  The dustbags came from Penn State at $85 each, so I use a half-55 gallon-barrel on the same type of rollers on their bottoms to make empting the fine dust easy.  Including the cost of the framework of 2X2 tubing, I built the system for $620.00.

  Try those type of rollers on your chip barrels,