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Ideas for chisel covers

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Ideas for chisel covers (post #150146)

Good Morning all:


I am the proud owner of a set of Lie-Nielsen chisels.  They are beautiful and work like a dream.  The only problem is that I have a concrete floor in my shop and I dont want to ding the edges.

I'm looking for ideas for chisel covers.  So far I've tried the internet, but all I found was cutting the fingers off a pair of leather gloves.  I would like somthing a little classier than that and nicer than the plastic covers that come on Marples blue chip.

So has anyone seen any great ideas of chisel covers  -  ideally somthing I could make?  I would appreciate any ideas

Thanks in advance



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i took all my chisels to (post #150146, reply #1 of 10)

i took all my chisels to lowes and found clear plastic tubing in the plumbing section

it comes in different sizes so i just found a size that fit each chisel and bought a one foot length of each on then cut them to the length i wanted and sliped the tubing on the chisel

the tubing is soft and flexible so it flattens out to fit the chisel and they are clear so you can see the chisel size at a glance

good luck........nicko

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As Mr. John White stated. (post #150146, reply #4 of 10)

As Mr. John White stated. Mave a simple rack to hold them. I would think that the most likely time to drop a chisel is when you are using it! Rubber floor mats?

This week I dropped my favorite paring chisel. Luckily it hit my shoe toe!

I have a bar magnet glued onto a hunk of plywood that I place my chisels onto when working at my wooden work bench...

I have a bar magnet that I use if working at my table saw. No I do not chop on the metal parts but I do have a cast iron router table on it with a MFD extension that I work on somnetimes.

Have a great day.. Life is wonderful even if you are having a bad day!

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Build a Rack (post #150146, reply #2 of 10)

The simpler approach is to build a rack that is either on the wall or that stands on your bench.  In the rack the chisels can't roll off the bench, they are easy to find, they are out of harms way, and they are automatically protected there is no need to slip the covers on and off.

John White Shop Manager for FWW Magazine, 1998 to 2007

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Ditto John W but... if you do (post #150146, reply #3 of 10)

Ditto John W but... if you do don't use a wood high in tannic acid as white oak or anywhere the metal chisel touchesthe wood at rest in the rack you have a potential rust promlem. Use maple.. etc.


Woodworkers' Guild of Georgia

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Chisel Covers (post #150146, reply #5 of 10)

If you have bench chisels I would recommend the Lee Valley Chisel Guards. I have used these for several years and love them. (They do not solve the problem with Lie Nielsen Chisels which can still drop out of the handle socket if you forget to tap the butt of the handle on the bench immediately you pick them up!)You will find them at with a part number 33E01.01  The price is $6.00 a set. Unfortunately they do not fit all chisels, especially mortice chisels or some japanese chisels.

I hope that these will work for you.


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Chisel rack (post #150146, reply #6 of 10)

Build one of these.  I have the full set of LN chisels within two steps from my bench.

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Then, there's the old piece (post #150146, reply #7 of 10)

Then, there's the old piece of yarn through the coat sleave trick, tied to the chisel on one side, and the mallet on the other. Kinda  like mitten keepers when we were kids.

Or, a long, weak screen door spring (or bungie cord) suspended from the ceiling.

Or, the British pistol keeper loop around the neck.


I keep mine in fitted boxes, and avoid putting them on the bench where they can get knocked off. A rack is probably more convenient, though.

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Chisel & Carving Gouges Racks (post #150146, reply #8 of 10)

Built these racks in my cabinet doors years ago.  Have worked perfectly for me.


Phillip Anthony

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Chisel Covers (post #150146, reply #9 of 10)

I want to thank everyone who has replied, it is appreciated.  A chisel rack as suggested by John W is probably the most practical, but I can't stop thinking about Ralph Barkers suggestion of a bungie cord tied to the ceiling.  I can just see the razor sharp chisel bouncing up and down after I let go.  Now that's full contact woodworking!!!!!!

Again many thanks for all of your ideas


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Still a mat is very sensible (post #150146, reply #10 of 10)

Still a mat is very sensible thing as well. My garage floor slopes and my bench does as well, so they tend roll off when I set them down to adjust a clamp.