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Does anyone have experience with the Hammer N 4300 bandsaw?  The price is comparable to 18" Jet and has almost 2" more cutting height and is 1/2 hp bigger (2 vs 1-1/2).

I'm nervous buying something I can't put my hands on.  How about Hammer or Felder service?  The distributor is in Sacramento and that is a long way from Colorado.

Thanks for your input.


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Jim --

   The Hammer and Felder bandsaws are built by ACM in Italy.   ACM also builds the larger bandsaws sold by Laguna, and I believe the ones sold by Wilke.   To my eye, they are almost indentical but for paint color, and they are all good saws.   I have a Laguna bandsaw, and a Hammer jointer-thicknesser.   The Felder/Hammer organization provides excellent service and support.   You might be interested in the Felder Owners Group forum (