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FWW DVD Archive Collection - Reviews

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So I have my magazine collection like everyone here probably has or has had. It's complete from #55 to date. The earliest years are covered by the set of hardbound books FWW Techniques #1-9.

Thinking of buying the DVD Archive Collection, say wait for 2012 updated version to come out.


I realize a big monitor would be required, not an issue.


Has Taunton/FWW made the search features on the archive collection = to the online search capability or would I stll need to subscribe to get that or use google or other search tools?


I've seen some negative reviews in that respect, which is one of the reasons I didn't go for selling off the collection and getting the archive CD.


Looking for opinions from folks who have the 2011 and whether the search capability has improved at all.



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Hi Ray: I use the archive all (post #170749, reply #1 of 2)

Hi Ray: I use the archive all the time (I'm the Admin Assistant at FWW) and I love it. I'm able to find everything I look for. Okay, maybe it takes a little while but in the past searching for articles or Methods of Work tips or some obscure ad in the mag,for example, was difficult if not impossilbe. Now I can pretty much guarantee I'll find it. I think it's well worth it. (And a lot of time I'll find the article on the DVD but pull out the magazine to read it.) --Betsy Engel

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Thanks Betsy. Do you know (post #170749, reply #2 of 2)

Thanks Betsy. Do you know when the 2012 edition of the full archive DVD is planned for release? Think I'll wait for that one at this point.


Hmm, you also mention pulling out the magazine itself to read. Makes me wonder about keep the mags and just adding the DVD :-)