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The Frustrations of Dealing with Amazon

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I have been trying for three days to buy a tool from  Amazon's website shows the items but does not give complete details on exactly what is included in the kit.  Other vendors list the items in the kit so I tried unsuccessfully for three days to contact Amazon to determine if their "kit" contained the same items.

Amazon has deliberately constructed its website so that it is impossibe to contact their customer service.  They used to post a phone number.  That has disappeared.  They used to have an email address for customer service.  They still do.  The only problem is its manned by a bot which sends you a message back telling you to visit their website.  A viscious circle.

Finally, I said to hell with Amazon and went to another tool site on the web.  I ended up dealing with very pleasant people.  How much more did it cost me?  Actually it cost me less money because the new vendor offered me a $10.00 coupon which they credited immediately.

I am not boycotting Amazon--yet.  But I am so disgusted with their contempt for their customers and the tricks they have devised with  their website to avoid allowing a customer to have any human contact that I will certainly do more competitive shopping before I place another order with them.

Increasingly American corporations (particularly the large ones) show nothing but contempt for their customers.  I am beginning to develop the same contempt for them.

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You are probably not the first person to get frustrated with Amazon. One person got so frustrated with all of the on-line companies that don't list their customer service phone numbers that he made a website to list them all. Everyone should have that website bookmarked. IT is:

If you forget it, you can easily get on Google, and type in:
Amazon customer service phone

and the website will be right there.

To make it easy for you, the Amazon customer service phone number is:
(800) 201-7575

I have used it a number of times, and have gotten quick solutions to whatever problem I was having.

I hope you find this information helpful. I have found that with this phone number, it is nearly impossible to beat the deals that Amazon has. Without that phone number, they can be frustrating.

Have fun.

Measure your output in smiles per board foot. 

Measure your output in smiles per board foot. 

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Mel, Thanks! That's great information. Rich

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It is gratifying to be able to help.
It took a while for me to find Amazon's customer service phone number.
I am happy to be able to pass it on.
Please give it to all of your friends.
Have a great year.

Measure your output in smiles per board foot. 

Measure your output in smiles per board foot. 

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I've had a few glitches with Amazon but when I finally got in touch with their CustServ people it worked out.

Last time I bought a 10" circ saw blade that came with a free $30 set of Freud stabilizers.

I didn't get the stabilizers so one guy emailed me and told me that he would send them and then gave me a $30 credit on top of that.

No beef from me.


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Glad things worked out for you. I have never had any trouble with Amazon. I have called them a few times and they took care of business in no time flat, and with a smile.

Life is good! (Look at the alternatives. :-) )

Measure your output in smiles per board foot. 

Measure your output in smiles per board foot. 

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I always check Amazon for everything at least to get an idea of what price(s) I'm going to have to pay and I like their free shipping.


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Mr. Bleau,

Large corporations treat their retirees the same way. I am drawing a pension from one. It is just as difficult to do a simple thing like change a bank account number. If I ever lose my password..........

I hope that never happen!


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I accidently found Amazon's customer service telephone number and when I called the lady had the accent of someone from India. I'm sure that is where their customer service is located.

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Sorry to hear about your frustrating experience. I'm not a huge Amazon fan, but have taken advantage of some pretty incredible sales deals in the past couple of years. I've probably placed over 3 dozen orders, and in fairness have had 100% satisfaction. Anytime I've needed help, I've used their CS help instructions and have had someone from Amazon call me back within a few minutes each time, and each time they've always managed to help me. But I suppose like any supplier, they're only as good as their last order.

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In the event you need to contact amazon in the future, and you lose the phone# 9619 gave (very helpful, by the way) here is how to navigate it on the website:

Click help at the top of the page

Click on any help topic icon down the left side of the page

When that page opens up, on the right side will be a box that says: Still have questions? Contact customer service at.......

I found it the hard way after looking for quite some time on their website. And yes, their call center is located in India or the calls are directed there.

"Thank you. I would like to inform you that..." will be the beginning line of every sentence the customer rep says


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Ah, very yes.

Ve know dot de peeple in India are veery smart. 

They work for a lot less money, too.

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Careful, Joe. This site is very politically correct now. That's gonna get ya a email from the man. Rich

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I feel the same way about any large company that has a website and no number listed under "contact us". I spent a while Thursday trying to find a number to call SBC. Google is your friend. Once I had the number I called them to talk to computer voice that referred to itself as "I". I finally talked to someone in Chicago and then after her I was routed to DSL help line in the Philippines. I have no problem talking to a person on the other side of the world. They need jobs just like I do and a lot of times they speak better english than the "help people" here(in the USA).

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This is the web link for directory assistance for 1-800 numbers:

I entered amazon com, inc. and their phone number for customer assistance poped up.  Ain't Internet grand!  (Thanks to the inventor Al Gore! <ROFLOL>)


A bad day woodworking is better than a good day working -- yes, I'm retired!
A bad day woodworking is better than a good day working -- yes, I'm retired!
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E-mail Jeff Bezos ... I did... and got 50% off my 400 dollar order.  They will solve the problem if it is their fault.  Automation and stream lining has its pros and cons.  However, there are real people behind it all that do care about their customers.   

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Contacting web tool vendors (post #84676, reply #16 of 19)

A couple of years ago a very generous woodworker was so pissed at the service he was receiving from Amazon and other web vendors that he went to the trouble of compiling phone numbers of the major ones.  I think most of us are aware that these companies like Amazon do all they can to prevent their customers from contacting them.  Well, it didn't take these sharks long to discover that their telephone numbers had become public.  They simply changed the number, making it impossible to get in touch with them other than sending off an email which might, or might not, receive an accurate response.

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Sharks ? Pish Posh (post #84676, reply #17 of 19)

I make frequent purchases from Amazon.

I have been treated very well by the company.

When I send an e-mail I get an answer.  Once or twice there has been some confusion but in an organization as 


as Amazon there is bound to be.

For specifics on a product that they VEND

contact the manufacturer of the specific product.  Use item numbers to be specific in both directions.

Jeff Bezos is certainly not a shark.  From the interviews I have seen, the products and projects he has been personally championing etc., I congratulate him and call him a fellow.

Just my experience.

Here is a take on modern companies and one reason for making phone numbers scarce . . . the call volume can be in the millions and quickly overwhelm the system.  I heard a discussion of it on Mac Break Weekly which is a tech podcast.  I went to get a link to it but did not find that episode.


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Check the Prices (post #84676, reply #19 of 19)

Amazon has algorithms for setting the prices on many of their items - including woodworking tools not price-fixed by the manufacturer.  These prices will vary, sometimes several times a day, and also depending on how you access the Amazon site - directly or through another site.  It can be worthwhile making several attempts at getting a price.

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