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Flour Bin Fulcrum

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Hello All

Back in the 40's or 50's kitchen cabinets often had a tilt-out bin for flour storage. I would like to design a similar bin for wood storage beside my fireplace. My faded memory pictures the pie shaped sides "rocking" on a large dowel at the bottom. If so, how do you get the front of the bin to land square on the face frame?

Does this question make any sense? Shall I try to draw(no talent) a picture?

I'll be happy to hear any ideas. Thanks!

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I built a bin like this into a kitchen base cabinet.  Maybe what I did was overkill, but this is how I designed it.  The dowels are fixed firmly into the tilt-out part.  One of the bearing surfaces in the carcass is fixed, but the other has a little height adjustment.   There is a machine screw that pushes it up or lets it down.   The screw runs vertically.  The head is in the toe-kick area, and can't be seen.  It was a little trouble to build, but great to adjust after the cabinet was installed.   Kitchen cabinets generally get racked as they get installed, so cabinet door that fits tightly in your shop generally doesn't after you install it -- unless you can adjust it afterwards.

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That after-install adjustment sounds like an excellent idea, thanks.

How did you calculate the position of your dowels to get the proper swing? Is the face of your bin flush with the frame or overlap?

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