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Fine Woodworking Podcast: Seeking Questions

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Hello everyone,

Some of you might hear my voice from time-to-time on FWW's biweekly podcast, Shop Talk Live. Every week we answer questions posed by readers of the magazine and I’m currently preparing for this Friday’s recording (for Saturday release).

I’m just in search of woodworking related questions to pose to my fellow editors on behalf of the woodworking community during the podcast.

Should any of you have anything you’d like answered, we’d love to see the questions:) You can email them to:

Many thanks and best to you all,


Ed Pirnik
Senior Web Producer
Fine Woodworking

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I must be lost though I have an excellent sense of direction (post #170344, reply #1 of 2)




I got another question and am posting it here.  I already sent in my woodworking questions on the e-mail.

I pray thee

do tell


Q : Is there ACTUALLY a podcast ?


FWW's biweekly (?) podcast

"every week (?) we answer questions posed by readers of the magazine "

for Friday's recording for Sat release (that was ~7/18/12)




I have been passively watching for some such.

Today I got a burst of energy, warm air up my kilt and all, and went searching for the podcasts.  I looked on FWW online.  I looked on iTunes

Ha ha the FWW video on iTunes seems to have ended  in 2008

The Shop Talk Audio on iTunes seems to be not updated since 12/31/00.  Does that even make sense ?  Were there ANY audio podcasts in 2000 ? From anyone ?  I wasn't even on line then.

Up is down and side ways is straight ahead. (quote from the movie Circle of Iron.)

PS: after thinking about it a while I remember listening to a couple after I sent off my questions.  You must have taken it down to make room for the recent FWW Live Video.  Still doesn't explain the iTunes Debacle.

:     )


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you don't see the link on the (post #170344, reply #2 of 2)

you don't see the link on the FWW homepage, about 1/2 way down on the left, under special sections?