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Cheap moisture meter

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Okay, I finally bought a moisture meter about a year ago from PSI Woodworking Products. I think I paid about $40 for it from Rockler. It's worked fine until today. The battery was dead so I put a new 9 volt in. I turn it and all of the LEDs flicker for about 2 seconds then they all go off except for the 10% light and it won't take readings. Any help would be appreciated. It is an MD-2G "Timber Moisture Meter". I sent a note to the company but no reply yet. Please don't tell me you get what you paid for. I can't understand why something so simple should cost over $50!

Thanks for any helpful input!

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I'd try a new freshly bought battery, unless you are positive that the one you just put in is good.

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I have a meter than goes on briefly as an indicator of status then goes out. Also, depending on what group of woods I'm reading, it stops at the 10% mark if the MC is over that. If way over that it flashes. Also requires 2 full seconds contact to get a non-fluctuating reading.
When all else fails---I hate to say this but perhaps--the instructions?
Good luck

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I bought the same one from Rockler about 6-8 months ago. I think mines still working, however, I have not used it in several months. Unfortunately I suspect it's the circuitry because all that stuff is being made cheaper and cheaper and that includes mother boards too.
I agree with you this is a pretty simple concept and should not require a $250 tool to accomplish. Granted the more expensive ones are sturdier but I wonder if the circuitry is much better.

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OOPS! I finally remembered to get a pack of new batteries and now it works great. I originally did the taste test on the first battery and I guess it was too low to function correctly. Problem with this particular meter is the on-off button can be easily pressed when put it away and there is no indicator to tell you it is on unless you test it. Also some guy from the distributor did actually call me to tell me the problem I was describing sounded like a low battery.

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Best wood moisture meter (post #87159, reply #5 of 7)

Actually there are plenty of moisture meters under 40-30$, I made a comparison and review about Stihl, Lignomat, Amprobe and other meters. You can read it here


P.s sorry for reviving such an old thread , but I was looking ideas for my blog :D

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