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can you help with medical test?

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can you help with medical test? (post #183419)

Hello, everyone!
I am about to find new job, and just passed my interview for it, but drug test is required, due to some circumstances I am afraid that I’m probably gonna fail the test, and there will be no second chance to apply to this job, so I feel really nervous about that. Have you ever faced such a problem? As I know there will be urine test. Do you know any sure way of passing it? Will be glad to hear any useful advice.

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Definitely, if you are (post #183419, reply #1 of 3)

Definitely, if you are talking about urine test, my friend, probably I can give you some information. I haven't faced such issue, but my friend had. He told me that he used some stuff like fake urine, you can look for information on this subject, as I understood that my friend have succeed test, so fake pee for drug test is safe as i think, and probably do works, but offer you to read all the information first! You can find it online in such reviews or in other specific articles

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thanks (post #183419, reply #2 of 3)

Thanks for advice. I also have a friend that uses the fake urine and it has worked for years as he told me. But I am not sure that I will be able to use that, and also I am not sure that it will be definitely urine test, probably it will be hair, or something like that.

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Also, if you have someone to (post #183419, reply #3 of 3)

Also, if you have someone to ask such questions, can you ask about detox drinks, please? Because lot of such reviews as tells that it's 100% working methos, that I will pass at any obctacles. Is it true? Can i rely on such information, what do you and or your friend think?