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I want to make some bread knives for christmas gifts.  Does anyone have a source they can give me where I can purchase high quality blades for bread slicing.  I would like to buy a length of blade and cut the blades to size myself.  These will just be hand held knives.


Any info will be appreciated.



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 The Nov issue of Wood magazine has plans for a bread knife. It lists a source for blades but no mention of cutting them to length as you mentioned.  Anyway, here's the source  for 10 1/2" serrated blades ($12.95 ea), maybe they can sell you longer lenghths:   Schlabaugh & Sons Woodworking, 800 346-9663 or          GP

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Thanks for all the info.  I got the idea from the Wood Magazine aticle mentioned. I just felt that $12.95 was kind if high,  Kovall knives has a blaed for $11.00 if you buy 6.  Sheffield supply has one for $9.00.  Still seems a little high but maybe that is what they run.  I am going to shop around some more.  Will repost what I find for the others interested.



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Quick note.  After looking a little more specifically, I have found that all of the manufacturers I checked with make blades that are designed to have a single handle attatched at the end.  This will not work based on the Wood Magazine style knife.  will keep looking


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Can you drill a hole in each end of the blade?

Alan - planesaw


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You really cant.  The blades are designed to have a handle attaatched so the blade has a steel has a steel handle on it that you basically wrap in wood, plus the blades ar shaped and tapered across the top.  I suppose you could cut the blade up but that seems too long of a way to go.



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I found this with a google search.

Thomas Register is to my knowledge the most widely used index of manufactures.  This link will show 183 knife manufacturers with a description of what they make and links, phone#'s, etc.

I too am interested in a source for reasonably priced blade stock.  I would like to make a few dozen of these.  $12.95 may be reasonable for buying one at a time but not if you need a lot of them.  I just have not had the time to get to this item yet.  I would be interested in hearing of any success you may have.


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Try one of the knifemaking supply places. Here are four of them:

Jantz Supply

Sheffield Knifemaker's supply

Texas Knifemaker's supply

Koval Knives

I made a knife set, including a bread knife, as a wedding present for some friends of mine. I got the blades from Jantz.

Good luck!

Rick W.

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I make (and cut) my own bread. Have used several "bread knives" before getting the one I like the best. It is a wooden handle and frame that holds a length of meat cutting bandsaw blade. It's like a bread "bow saw".  I plan to make some as gifts in the future. I'll bet you can buy stock for the blades at a modest price. Wood Magazine latest issue (Nov. #152) had a article/design for one.

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MT, About six months ago, I made two neat bread knives using a pair of serrated (Scalloped?) blades from a fleamarket electric carving knife

The handles were made of Black walnut/ These blades are very hard stainless steel (Tough to drill)

The handles I made. were of solid  blanks that I sliced to accept the blade, but not sliced all the way through. 

 Instead of drilling holes through the Stainless, I just ground three semicircular notches into the blade's rear edges. With my dremel motor tool and a few of those disc grinding blades.

Note: buy the thicker wheels (they don't break like the thin ones.)

By alligning the blade atop the blank and clamping it in the proper location, I drilled three corosponding holes through the walnut guided by the notches. 

After counterboring the holes and fitting the handle, I removed the handle and reshaped the handle to fit my hand. Used pan head machine screws with hex nuts.


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I'm not familiar with the WOOD article you mentioned, so I thought you needed a regular knife blade.

If you are looking for the kind of blade that goes in a kind of a wooden frame,then you might try using a piece of scalloped band knife blade.A band knife is a bandsaw blade with a knife edge, either straight or scalloped.One source is the DoALL company,'ll sell you a 100 foot roll of it,if you want.I don't know the price, but I'll bet it's much less than $12.95 for 10-1/2 inches!

Rick W.

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I finally found a source.  Believe me it was not easy.  Most of the manufacturers just do not have it.  sells them 32 in a pack for $32.00 a little better than $12.95 apiece.  Thjese blades are 10" long as opposed to the 101/2' of the other but I think I can make the adjustment.  These blades even com with the holes predrilled in the ends.  They are made for the professional Olicer bread slicer so they shopuld work well.  The person I spoke to was extremely helpful.

If you need to call the number is 877-623-67777



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Success is good!  I also found a reasonable source.

I had a little time to do some research this morning.  I called the Doall  location nearest me and told them what I was looking for.  They said they only sold carbon steel blades and had nothing for food.  They referred me to their supplier Simmons Engineering,

I called Simmons and they have a blade they make for a bread slicing machine. Its 7/16 wide, 10 1/4 long and has holes punched in each end.  The lady I talked to, Angie, told me they sell a lot of them for bow knives.  It's their number 303 and is available in carbon or stainless.

Their prices are somewhat lower than the supplier in Wood Mag.

Carbon is $ .91 each and stainless $ 1.14 each.  Minimum order is $50 and must have either AmEx card, cash up front, COD or apply for credit approval.  They don't do VISA!  According to Angie, you can contact Doall and see if they will order them for you.  They should sell them for the same price.

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Call Do-All or any other major blade manufacturer. They sell scalloped steel bands that are used on bandsaws for cutting foam, cardboard ect. You can see them on their website @ I can't imagine them being too expensive. hope this helps.