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billiards triangle

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hello all,


i am interested in making a triangle for my billiard table (as in the device used to rack the balls) and am wondering how i should go about it.

I am leaning toward cutting western red cedar veneers which are quite thick and laminating them around a former in an over lapping fashion for strength. i have used western red cedar for a project before but i am unsure weather the veneers are capable of bending on such a sharp angle without splitting.

could anyone help me out on this one? thanks folks

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Pete, are these triangles normally bent or are they finger jointed?  Even if you carved it out of solid stock..its hard to say there would be enough strength...


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Use 3 straignt pieces joined to triangular corner blocks. The "base" and "point"  of the corner blocks can be radiussed. The concave radius of the base of the corner block matches the radius of your balls, the point radius depends on the look you want.

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   I agree with Mark. Not that I have ever hung around any pool halls..he he.but all racks I've seen are usually made that way from white oak or hickory. Also, I think all the joints at the points are usually a box joint which has a lot of glue strengh. That's if my memory serves me correct..

Good luck...


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