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Autocad Woodworking Tool Symbols

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I am an Architect by trade, which means I get to design OTHER people's dream shops. I'm working on one that has me seething with envy right now, and could use some advice in the layout. Has anyone seen a set of Autocad symbols for typical woodworking machinery like tablesaws, drill press, bandsaw, etc? I could measure them up and draw my own, of course, but why not try the lazy route first? Also, any good sources on shop layout (other than my back issues of FWW) ? Any help appreciated.

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Hi Missionman,

One resource you might look at using is published in Fine Woodworking Issue #174. There is an article by John Yurko called "A layout kit for small shops." Included in that article is a page of common shop fixtures (tablesaw, drill press, etc.) drawn to 1/24 scale. They're not available electrocially, however you could scan them into your computer and use them as image files. The drawings include the foot print of the tool as well as shaded areas around the tool that represents the required space for infeed and outfeed.

If you don't have that issue, you can purchase it on the Web site here:

Good luck with it,


Matt Berger

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You need to do 3 things: First go get the trial version of Sketchup here

This will let you use and export the tool models that the author of said article made here

Once in Sketchup, you can export these models as dwg to AutoCAD.

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Don't know if these'll help, but both Bob Vila and Grizzly Industrial have shop designers on their web sites.  Click below.

Bob Vila


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Missionman -

When I laid out my shop I just made some rather stylized solid boxes and or shapes of the tools and saved them in my block library. Doesn't take much to give a representation of the tool. Doing them as solids permitted doing some 3D visuals as well as a virtual walkthrough.

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I know this is not the answer your looking for, but when I use Autocad for "stuff like this", I draw symbols for each item.  A solid shape represents the floor space requirements and a second outer perimeter (usually dashed lines) defines the minimum area needed around the machine.  It really doesn't take that long to define the symbols!