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adapt table for computer keyboard?

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this isn't particularly "fine" woodworking, but do you know of any websites where i might find a simple product (or plans) that would sit on an existing table, that wiuld be a flat surface a computer could sit on, but would also contain a sliding tray for a keyboard that could slide back in when not in use?
i'd rather not take the time to make one, but if i have to, what is the proper hardware i'd buy? thank you!

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If the item QC linked to doesn't work, take a look at Rockler.  Expensive as they are (generally), they have a huge selection of computer-desk-related stuff.  Click here for home office section.

forestgirl -- you can take the girl out of the forest, but you can't take the forest out of the girl ;-) 

forestgirl -- you can take the girl out of the forest, but you can't take the forest out of the girl ;-) 

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wowee- the rockler models are a bit pricey, eh? the lee valley one looks perfect.
thanks- both of you found just what i was looking for. now to decide if i should just build it all from scratch since none of them come already enclosed in a box for table-top placement. FYI, i am using an old sewing machine table for a computer desk somewhat temporarily, and the well for the sewing machine is too deep to install the keyboard slider underneath. so i want to place a flat box ontop of the table, which will also make it easier to lift all the computer stuff off when i want to break out the Singer.

thanks again!

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Typical. A hard to please woman. ;-) What about these then?,40894

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Is this what you're after?  I made this desk for my daughter & SIL and got the sliding keyboard hardware from Rockler.  It shouldn't be too difficult to adapt a table for this setup.

The only tricky part was drilling the holes for the drop down hinges for the drawer fronts.  It took 2-3 practice trys on some scrap before I got it to work like I wanted.  The printer tray in picture 434 was rebuilt after they got a new printer - lol.

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 I don't think this is a (post #73057, reply #6 of 6)

 I don't think this is a really important question. This doesn't influence computer work. I'd better pay attention to the desktop. It must be in a good state. You know antivirus usually assists with that. But it is difficult to know what is better - avast vs mcafee