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Veneer glue sizing and finish question.

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I read that burls can be flattened with a mixture of glicerine water and plastic resin glue. After clamping it flat between layers of paper to soak the water you can apply the flattened veneer to our substrate.

My question is....Doesn't this change the color of the selected finish on the lfattened wood species. Example, when we finish a solid wood project any glue spots are revealed by the applied finish.


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There was recent discussion of veneer flattening that gave a "home-brew" formula.  I haven't had a problem with "glue spotting" using the "home-brew" formula.  When used, the veneer is thoroughly wetted with the solution, so it all gets uniform exposure.  After drying, I haven't noticed a problem with the veneer being sealed from the formula.

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Let's say the treated/sealed veneer was maple. If a project has the veneer and untreated solid wood, won't they look different when the finish is applied?

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I’ve used in the past a mixture of glycerin and water to flatten veneer, never heard of the glycerin and plastic resin glue mixture.  It would seem that the later would affect the color.


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I have not heard of that, but I have heard of some types of glue (calcimite spelling? and white glue) being used to flatten veneer. I have not tried either, due to the very problem you bring up. I use hot hide glue which is basically transparent to finishes.

Rob Millard 

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We do a fair amount of veneer work and have always found Glycerin and water to work and have not had any color change issues.  My guess on the glue side is that it would be thinned enough that absorbsion of a finish would be minimally affected.  I'd also look at Rob's thoughts as he does some great work with veneer.

Seems to that I once read something that Tage Frid did with thinned hide glue for softening and flattening burls.