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Taping to prevent stain bleed through

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How do you stop stain from bleeding into wood under taped areas.

I was building an electric buitar with a curly maple top, laminated to a piece of mohogany. I wanted to the top to be stained, and the mahogany to be natural. I used green painter's tape to mask off the mahogany, but the stain bled through it. I tried it another way -- masking of the curly maple and staining the mahogany (on a different guitar) and I got the same bleed through.

Any suggestions about how to get a perfectly clean edge, with now stain buildup, bleeding or clumpy spots of stain?

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Mask off and use powdered spirit aniline dye mixed with lacquer thinner (or use non grain raising (NGR) liquid aniline dye that can be mixed with lacquer thinner.) Apply stain lightly, and perhaps more than one coat with an airbrush or spray gun. Also use lacquer masking tape. Sliante.