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Stain Putty by Bix

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Does anyone remember this product?  In my opinion, it was the best product for matching the finish when filling nail holes.  I can't find it anywhere and the company states it hasn't been manufactured for three years.

So, did someone on this forum buy that last can on planet Earth and if they did, wanna send me half of it? :)


A sadden Mike

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Bix putty (post #160041, reply #1 of 6)

Me too, love the stuff.  One can lasted for years.  I hope some small town hardware store somewhere has a few cans on their shelf.  If so, let me know. (Or what's it made of so that I can make my own.)

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Bix (post #160041, reply #2 of 6)

I think I know some one who has some of that stuff !


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all that one (post #160041, reply #3 of 6)

has to is to add colour to a neutral  putty or filler that you are happy with


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Stain Putty (post #160041, reply #4 of 6)


I noticed you have the Bix Stain Putty and your user name is "Westchester".  Do you happen to be in Westchester County, NY and know where I can purchase the product?

I'm refinishing old cabinets and can't find hardware to match the holes.  I have to fill them and I'm doing a white wash/pickle type of stain.  Nothing I've tried so far will match well enough for the holes to blend in after staining (on test pieces). I've tried lots of combinations of fillers, glue, etc. adding saw dust from sanding the same cabinets etc. but its not working well enough.

Thank you!

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stain putty (post #160041, reply #5 of 6)

I have used Brian Miller's approach several times/

Crawfords Painters Putty and Reeves Colour tubes (lots of different colors) allow you to match the finish color for small dings.  Completely finish the wood first because the putty may not accept your stain or dye.


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stain putty (post #160041, reply #6 of 6)

Many thanks for the tip, I was able to find a video on that method (link below for others):

However,  I need the putty to be able to hold a screw. The new hardware may need to partially screw into some of the old hole locations, but not cover them or come close to all of them.  I wanted to find a filler that would harden but still take stain and match well enough without halo's, etc. thanks.  The stain is also water based.