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Spanish Whiting, Ranch Oak Furniture,...

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Does anyone have information on Spanish Whiting and how to make it?
I collect A Brandt Ranch Oak Furniture
made in Fort Worth and many times
it need refinishing and re waxing
A Brandt had a company mix a special
wax for their furniture called
ranch wax and I am looking for that company to order some more, or
a company that can analyze some of the
wax I still have. I believe it was
a form of spanish whiting.

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Spanish White (1824) A very fine white grade of whiting, used for gilding base and for marbleizing base coat. You might find it at art or conservation supply stores.

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Whiting is a fancy name for chalk or calcium carbonate. My mother-in law owns a house full of the furniture you describe and I found a mix of 1/2 whiting, 1/2 titanium dioxide and clear paste wax worked when she ran out of the factory stuff. If you can't find the materials -- give me a holler.
You may also find that Liming wax (Woodworker's Supply) 1-800-645-9292 will be pretty close.

Jeff Jewitt