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oxidise or bleaching douglas fir

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A colleague and I are preserving an historic log structure which requires some replacement logs be integrated into the structure. Our client feels that the contrast between the old members(weathered grey) and the replacements(hewn douglas fir showing both heart and sapwood) is to great.

We are thinking about oxidising or perhaps bleaching the new pieces in order to tone down their brightness somewhat rather than using pigments that may not provide a stable appearance over the long term.

Any suggestions? Thanks, DT 

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You can quickly (well, relatively) get the new timbers weathered by simply leaving them outside in the sun.....wet them down every day (just enough for a surface wet.....the water makes the patina come on much faster than sun alone.

Do a couple of small pieces which you can easily carry back and forth......outdoor lighting is SIGNIFICANTLY different than may overdo the patina if you try to judge by eye only.


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Doug fir weathers pretty quickly in the rain and sun.  Within a year, the new logs will probably 'disappear'.