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matching the look of cherry plywood panels with solid cherry in doors

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I would like to use 3/8" cherry veneer on MDF for my panels on a flat panel set of doors. I am using just clear coat poly urethane for the finish. Problem: the cherry panel comes out much darker the the real cherry wood being used for the stiles and rails. Any way to make them a closer match?





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I know this post is old but (post #179879, reply #1 of 1)

I know this post is old but I'm wondering how it turned out. 

In my experience, mixing and matching cherry from different productions with a clear coat finish can be a nightmare. I've seen the same thing with maple.  This is especially problematic when both the plywood and the wood are all heartwood. It just doesn't match but looks like it should. If there is color variation in both production (heart/sap/gum streaks, etc) it takes away from the heartwood not having a uniform look. Personally, I like cherry when the colors are mixed. I wrote a blog post about it.