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Floetrol (post #111428)

I have been trying to brush on Sherwin Williams Waterbased Polyurethane (satin)with little success. It just won't flow out very much and I am left with brush marks in the surface.  I've tried a few different applicators and brushes and the results are basically the same.

If this was oil based poly I would just thin it as needed but the guy at Sherwin Williams says that they don't recommend thinning it. I asked him about Floetrol but he didn't know enough to comment beyond saying that the data sheet he had didn't mention that you could add it.

I don't have any Floetrol so I am reluctant to buy some just to perform a test that may not work.  I thought I would rather rely on someone else's experience if possible. I tried adding about 10% water . The flowout was marginally better but the sheen was spotty when it dried.

Any advice?

Thanks,     David



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Doesn't Woodcraft ship to Canada?

I buy gloss and then bring it to the sheen I want by using Abralon pads (from Homestead Finishes - Jeff Jewett) on my ROS. I run through the grits up to 4,000. I'm pretty sure that Polycrylic is available in a satin too.

Good luck


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I'm sure Woodcraft would ship to Canada but even though our dollar is pretty strong right now I would bet by the time duties, taxes and shipping costs are added the bill would be a bit steep. 

 Although I have sanded/buffed out gloss finishes to a smooth, high gloss I have had poor success in obtaining a good buffed satin finish. It is either too dull or too much like a scratchy semi gloss. 

 I've never used the Abralon pads but I think I have seen them locally. The difficulty is that much of my work involves curved surfaces so flat buffing setups are not much use. I'm sure there is a good, satin finish buffing compound out there but I don't know which one to buy without trying them all.  I was thinking of trying some Rottenstone or some automotive buffing compounds like Maguire's but it is hard to know what compound gives the satin I am after.

Thanks for your help



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I just "Googled" (a new verb) General Finishes. There is a tab for store locations, which they state are "all across the U.S and Canada"; "just enter your Province".

Abralon is mfd. by Mirka, a Swedish company. They have hand pads if you are so inclined.


"I sometimes think we consider the good fortune of the early bird and overlook the bad fortune of the early worm." FDR - 1922

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Thanks Frosty. I had found their website myself actually and saw that they do have a distributor in my province of British Columbia. The distributor isn't close enough to drive to but I may just order a litre to try it out. I'll look more closely for those Abralon pads as well.

 This afternoon I tried another coat of the SW WB poly on a panel outside in the garage. The temp was about 10c (~45F) which is below the recommended temp of 50F on the can but the finish didn''t set up nearly as fast and had time to flow out well. It looks really good so this may work for me yet without taking a chance with Floetrol.



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Floetrol (post #111428, reply #35 of 35)

Hey Steve...Buy some Floetrol, its not that expensive and it works well

Steve the VI