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epoxy paint for cabinets

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I built kitchen cabinets for my step son that will be painted and am building mine now, also to be painted. He told me he has found a company that will prime and paint the cabinets for a good price after they are installed using epoxy paint. He is going to have them paint a scrap piece of the ply and one of poplar and see how they look. He is a manager for apartments and has used them for a couple of small projects (not cabinets) and says they seem to do good work.

I had planned on using alkyd paint for mine but would consider the epoxy but I know nothing about it. Help!!

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I have no love for epoxy paints. They're simply to difficult to repair. The general impression of epoxy coatings is that they will wear like iron. They do, to a point. Then they lose their finish, like all paints do, and require repair. And repairing an epoxy paint finish ranks right up there with grinding the undercoat on a boat hull. Kitchens are not a forgiving environment - asuming you like to cook - and at some point your cabinets will look their age.

For several years now I have been using Dutchlac (now called Hollandlac) from Fine Paints of Europe. It's serious paint. It's expensive ($30 per quart) but it wears beautifully and, unlike box store paints, a simple quart covers quite a bit. Brush on or spray.

It's worth looking into: