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Difficulty ripping 2" maple planks

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Hello John,


I have a Delta 28-206 Band Saw with a brand new blade. My problem is that  this saw slows down to a crawl and trips the breaker when I try to rip  2" thick planks of maple. I do not experience this type of frustration when I'm sawing stock that is 1" or less.


Is this common for this saw? Do you have any suggestions?



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Band Saw Tooth Count and Design (post #159356, reply #1 of 9)

Like table saw blades, there are different designs of band saw tooth for different applications.  And ideally there would be fewer teeth per inch when cutting thicker stock.  Can you describe your blade?

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Difficulty sawing 2" maple (post #159356, reply #2 of 9)

It's a brand new 1/2" X 3 tpi VIKING blade 

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Sorry no one better equipped (post #159356, reply #3 of 9)

Sorry no one better equipped has chimed in.  3 tpi should work with 2" thick stock.  Sometimes new blades have defects.  If the saw is adjusted  well I wouldn't expect a sharp blade to trip the breaker with 2" maple.  Guess my first test would be a different blade.

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Ripping 2" blanks (post #159356, reply #4 of 9)


The volume of the gullet pretty much determines the rate of allowed feed. Since, for each blade it's a constant at motor RPM, the feed rate has to slow down as the board thichness increases; otherwise there's no place for the chips to go.Chip build-up equals friction. Does your stall feed rate seem proportional to larger thichnesses even at lower feed rates? Maybe there's a probem with the new blade???


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maybe (post #159356, reply #5 of 9)

If the 3tpi blade is new then it's probably OK although conceivably there could always be a problem with a new blade.  Does it really feel like the saw is clogging down with sawdust?  Possibly the source of difficulty is elsewhere and the kerf in back of the blade is pinching it?  If you change blades and still have the same issues then it's not the blade's fault.

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Binding (post #159356, reply #6 of 9)

The more I think about my post yesterday it's unlikely that gullet clogging is the cause of the bogging down problem. The blade being used should easily resaw at many times the 2" depth of cut in question. I'd look for the kind of binding that Ring suggests.


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blade or power issue (post #159356, reply #7 of 9)

Since everyone has considered the blades issue, is it possible that the problem is one of power?  What horsepower is your motor? Is it fed directly from a dedicated breaker or is there something else on the same circuit that is adding to the load and tripping the breaker? Is the saw connected to power by an extension cord (what gauge size) this can cause voltage loss and lead to problems.

Hope this gives you a few things to check.


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