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bent-corner or kerf-bent boxes

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I would like to try my hand at making a northwest coast bent-corner box for a friend's 50th birthday gift. FWW magazine index lists 2 articles from issues that are now out of print.

1) 1992 - #96, pp. 70-73 Gregg Blomberg - Bent-corner boxes of the Northwest Coast

2) 1980 - #22, pp. 36-43 Susan J. Davidson - Kerf-bent boxes

I would greatly appreciate help in getting access to these articles since there does not seem to be a lot of "how-to" information available!!

Many thanks!

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See if you can find the old "Finewoodworking On Bending Wood".  It is reprinted there.

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Thank you for that suggestion. I found Susan Davidson's article in that book in a Google book search. I have not found Greg Blomberg's article as of yet.

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   Was looking for some "how-to" information about the same boxes and found your inquiries. From that I ordered a copy of Fine Woodworking on Bending Wood. If you want a little historical info about these boxes, try googling  bentwood process, Pacific NW, and when that site opens, scroll down to "Cedar Bentwood Chests of the First Nations of the Pacific North West". There are some drawings of kerf placement and kerf styles that can be halpful. Have fun!