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American Machine Tools tablesaw

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I have recently inherited an 8" table saw made by American Machine Tools in 1979. I found it in the attic, brand new in the unopened box - complete with a 1979 receipt for $109.00 COD.

Of course, a free saw is always a good saw. But does anyone know anything about the company or the quality of the saw? I've found no reference to American Machine Tools on the internet, so I assume they're out of business.

Any info would be helpful.

I am new to woodworking, and this is my first table saw.

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AMT tools are located in Royersford, PA. Try the 800 directory or regular phone directory for their number.

Enjoy your free saw!

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Unfortunately AMT no longer deals in woodworking tools.They got out of that portion of design and mfg approx 3 yrs. ago. As I understand, they now specialize in cast iron industrial pumps. Contact them at the Royersford phone #. They may still have literature around for your saw. PL

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Sears also sold these saws, with an old Sears catalog you could find the Sears product number and get info. Maybe. Good luck.

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I've got the AMT drill press, combination belt/disc sander, and their new lathe (I also had one of the old ones). I lived within driving distance of their warehouse, so I called them often. I bought the first lathe in 1980. My wife bought the latest lathe for me as a present just before they went out of the tool business. They have always advertised a 10-year replacement guarantee on parts, and when I called them recently, they told me that they will keep a parts inventory on hand to service all tools bought for 10 years before they stopped distributing tools. You may still be able to get parts on your table saw from them. You may also be able to get parts from Sears, but, since Sears bought directly from AMT, once their parts inventory is gone, Sears' will probably dry up, too!