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  • In a reply to Problems with Layout
    DaveRichards's picture
    1 hour 50 min ago

    That's because you're using a Mac. Having that information makes a big difference in this case. On Mac, the OS supplied font editor is used. Open a text box for editing, select all of...

  • In a reply to Problems with Layout
    27BStroke6's picture
    3 hours 58 min ago

    Here is a screen shot of my panes, all are there with the exception of text style. I have found nothing on the web regarding this.

  • In a reply to Problems with Layout
    27BStroke6's picture
    4 hours 11 min ago

    I cannot find the text style pane,  and it is not listed under the tools menu. I have found no way to activate it.

  • In a reply to Problems with Layout
    DaveRichards's picture
    20 hours 45 min ago

    What operating system are you using? On the PC, you should see the various settings option in the Default Tray on the right unless you closed the tray. You can open these setting options from...

  • In a reply to Problems with Layout
    27BStroke6's picture
    22 hours 27 min ago

    I have been playing with dimensions in layout and have a few issues. In the dimension style pane I see no way to change the text size or the arrow head, have not found them in the context menus...

  • In a reply to Problems with Layout
    DaveRichards's picture
    1 day 1 hour ago

    That was what I was going to suggest as the problem. Happy you found iton your own.

    You could also insert the dimensions in LayOut instead of in SketchUp and have better control over...

  • In a reply to Problems with Layout
    27BStroke6's picture
    1 day 3 hours ago

    Changed dimension text from Points to height. That seemed to work. 


  • In a reply to Spray Booth - Negative or Positive Air
    forrestb's picture
    1 day 19 hours ago

    To minimize overspray in your garage you need the fan at exit for negative pressure so all leaks are sucking in, not pushing vapor out. You must check the MSDS for your paint to check volatility...

  • In a reply to Unwanted Advertising
    mike_bradford's picture
    2 days 3 hours ago

    Wow, I was so glad to see this post mentioning subscribe to Fine Woodworking magazine, since I am subscribed. non-relevant advertisement is annoying as well. I was wondering if it was...

  • In a reply to Computer Desk Design Problem
    DaveRichards's picture
    3 days 5 hours ago

    Two thoughts come to mind.

    A: Hinge the extension from the bottom using long hinges with the barrel offset under the top. That way, when it is folded down, the extension will be back...

  • In a reply to Wooden Geared Clock - "Lone Star Time"
    timd2lman's picture
    3 days 17 hours ago

    Inspired by a my home state, and previous wooden-geared clock I built in high school, I designed this clock during my undergraduate engineering work at Texas Tech University, and then finished...

  • In a reply to Josh Felber Business Success Coach Serial Entrepreneur
    mariatabakmt's picture
    5 days 12 hours ago

    What about small business cosultant?

  • In a reply to Finishing issue - wood twisting
    forrestb's picture
    5 days 22 hours ago

    I have found that in most cases you cannot keep wood from twisting, curling, splitting (moving) because the wood has a moisture content and it will release moisture to the environment (or absorb...

  • In a reply to adjusting Delta Contractor saw
    TonyBGood's picture
    1 week 6 hours ago

    Great advice in this thread, but: even after adjusting to the max, I am still misaligned by almost 1/8".  Do I need to file or drill out the holes so I have more play? This seems...

  • In a reply to Materials lists
    forrestb's picture
    1 week 18 hours ago

    If you have the plan I think that you will have to generate your own Materials List based on the breakout of the console on the 2nd page of the pdf plan.  At least you have enough info to...

  • In a reply to Beach Stroke Sander
    blackbart0930's picture
    1 week 22 hours ago

    I have the same machine for sale, better condition, located in northeastern PA.  About 15 miles from Montrose where it was manufactured


  • In a reply to finishing meranti
    ashleyjohn's picture
    1 week 4 days ago

    Thanks for the info.

  • In a reply to highly water resistant wood
    ashleyjohn's picture
    1 week 4 days ago

    Bamboo and teak are perfect wood options for bathroom caddy and benches.

  • In a reply to Blisters on varnished cedar tabletop
    ashleyjohn's picture
    1 week 4 days ago

    Its good to apply barrier coat and let it dry for a few days before applying any varnish. You should scrape the furniture first and then follow this procedure.

  • In a reply to Mahogany Bedroom Furniture
    morris_13's picture
    1 week 6 days ago

    Hi. My wife is planning to buy something new from the list. Unfortunately it's too difficult to choose the best variant. Our tastes are different enough. Need to think about this proposition...