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  • In a reply to Billiards table wood sealing
    robscaffe's picture
    16 hours 55 min ago

    Shellac is the best barrier for water vapor. Zinssers sells a product called SealCoat, a 2 lb cut of dewaxed shellac that will work well for you.

  • In a reply to Fumed Mission Oak (again)
    robscaffe's picture
    17 hours 8 min ago

    I would think the air would be quickly saturated with ammonia fumes, assuming you are using the industrial quality ammonia available from drafting supply stores.  Anyway, a small battery...

  • In a reply to Zebrawood finishing help needed! Open Pores/grains
    SteveSchoene's picture
    17 hours 28 min ago

    There are certainly pore fillers that will do this task.  Sherwin Williams makes a good one, but only in the gallon size.  The one most easily found is likely to be Behlen Por-O-Pak....

  • In a reply to Waterproof finish for a wooden bowl
    SteveSchoene's picture
    17 hours 39 min ago

    I don't know for sure what Japanese bowls used, though I suppose it might of been actual lacquer using urushiol resin.  Modern nitrocellulose lacquer would not be satisfactory.  ...

  • In a reply to Billiards table wood sealing
    SteveSchoene's picture
    18 hours 1 min ago

    The best sealer for blocking moisture transfer is shellac, much better than varnish.This has been demonstrate by tests made by the U.S. Forest Products Laboratory.  

    By the way,...

  • In a reply to Why not...
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    20 hours 27 min ago

    I agree with Steve Schoene.  This forum is slow, infected with spam, and un-moderated.   It has been so now for years, and FWW management is un-responsive. It is starting to look...

  • In a reply to looking for Stabilized wood or wood stabilizing services
    ethanwilliams's picture
    1 day 3 hours ago

    i know this is a very very late response, but i just saw your thread.. I just wanted to ask if you have you already found what you are looking for?

  • In a reply to Rockwell router
    Jigs-n-fixtures's picture
    1 day 7 hours ago

    The brushes from a Porter Cable may work.  I tihnk it was Porter Cable-Guild, then Rockwell Porter Cable, then Rockwell turned into Porter Cable.  so parts from the transition phase...

  • In a reply to Fumed Mission Oak (again)
    cj76's picture
    1 day 13 hours ago

    Thanks for your feedback. I will try spraying a sample or two and see how that comes out. I was very careful with would selection. That's not my concern. I was looking for an alternative to...

  • In a reply to test post
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    1 day 13 hours ago

    I give up.  Says spam warning but I am not doing anything but asking a question.

  • In a reply to Fumed Mission Oak (again)
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    2 days 20 hours ago

    You don't mention your method of application but I suspect you are wiping it on. This could be your problem as alcohol flashes off very fast, therefore not allowing much time for correcting...

  • In a reply to heating workshop
    Jfrostjr's picture
    2 days 21 hours ago

    I have heated my shop for over 10-years with a gas (or propane) fired radiant heater. I like it because it heats "things" which then radiate to heat the shop. No dust blowing around or...

  • In a reply to Looking Ideas and plans for Table Legs
    Jfrostjr's picture
    2 days 21 hours ago

    It appears as though the "posts" are metal, threaded into the fixtures - top and bottom. Are the posts fully threaded into the bottom feet?


  • In a reply to BANDSAW
    oldwindowguy's picture
    4 days 10 hours ago

        Your 14" bandsaw has a wheel circumference of about 3.66 feet.  Small saws like yours do not have frames heavy enough to resaw at high speed, especially thick stock....

  • In a reply to Curved Joinery
    flashandrews's picture
    5 days 14 hours ago

    Thanks Edwin,It has multiple coats of brushed on polyurathane,hand sanded and polished.Some day when I am wealthy I might just buy a HVLP sprayer.

  • In a reply to 3 way miter joint
    forrestb's picture
    6 days 11 hours ago

    I just extended the 4 corners of the red "box" out beyond the blue surface (why was the red box open at the bottom?)

    I put a box on those extended lines and deleted the over-...

  • In a reply to hinges for heavy "box" door
    forrestb's picture
    6 days 12 hours ago

    If you really mean a 5 foot door that will hold canned goods you are putting a lot of stress on the door and the hinges.  In my opinion, not knowing the weight,  the only thing that...

  • In a reply to woodworking association
    alan23's picture
    1 week 20 hours ago

    This group is no more but I have found a new group with about 70 members of all skill levels the  this is the eastern mass...

  • In a reply to 3 way miter joint
    DaveRichards's picture
    1 week 23 hours ago

    How's this look?

  • In a reply to Advice needed on cutting mating curves
    forrestb's picture
    1 week 1 day ago

    I hope that you do not plan to depend on the glue joint between the curves to support any load because it won't unless they are ridiculously deep.


    But as to the...