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Seattle Woodworking co-op 6000 sq ft, we

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There is an awesome woodworking in Seattle on 2nd Ave South.
Mike Tufano is the co-owneer. They have spaces for rent for $600 per month, 200 per week and $50 per day.

Great buch of guys

Michael Tufano
Seattle Wood Designs
7622 2nd Ave S.

Seattle WA 98108

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I was wondering if you knew of anything similar up on whidbey island.  Seattle is a bit far of a drive but it would be neat to see if there was anything a little farther north.  thanks.


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Nick, If you hear of any club as you requested I also would be interested. I am in Snohomish and as you said Seattle is a fair drive.

David H

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Dont know, trying to find wood turners in Bremerton