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New WW Guild in South Jersey

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Announcing a newer WWers Guild in Cherry Hill (near Phila). We are a group of approx 40 WWers meeting monthly in Cherry Hill, NJ. Would like to invite other WWers to our meetings. We usually have a professional cabinet/furnituremaker present their work, and lead a discussion at each meeting. We don't have our own shop (yet). Meeting are on the 4th Thursday at 7:15 PM.

For more info, email Mike Richter, President, Woodworkers Guils of South Jersey:

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woodworkers guild (post #123909, reply #1 of 2)

I would like to attend your meetings. I live in Audubon, NJ and have been looking for fellow woodworkers to discuss the trade, lumber, tools, etc. in are area. If still having your meetings please email me back at

W.R.Van Sciver

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old school bench (post #123909, reply #2 of 2)

i have an old school bench that i have used on my porch it has metal legs and a wood seat and back. the wood (slips) on the metal chair supports and back supports. apparently you need a special router for this to happen. is anyone interested? i will pay to put my bench in working order.