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Someone to share shop space in Chicago

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I'm looking for a hobby woodworker who would be willing to share shop space near the wicker park/west loop area of Chicago. I recently moved to the city and am dying to get a shop set up for hobby use. I don't have any space rented yet, but I'm getting close.

Here's what I'm thinking:
I've found space in an artists' co-op type building. The space is 17'x50' (830 square feet) and looks to be perfect for a shop. It's wide open with 13' ceilings and has 3 large windows at one end. Actually, the windows have a spectacular view of downtown. They're asking $425/mo with all utilities and fees included. I don't think I can find better space for cheaper, but it's still a bit too high for me to justify for a hobby. Split 2 ways and I think this should be pretty managable for all.

I have a pretty good range of machines that I would be willing to share with my co-tenant. The list is below. While I have a full range of hand and small power tools as well, I think it would be best if we kept these separate. I'm planning to put in a couple locking cabinets where I can store my supplies and tools. I'm not looking for any money for use of the machines, but I would appreciate if you could chip in for maintenance, sharpening, and blade costs, as needed. Besides hand tools, you're going to need to bring or build your own bench.

Equipment I have to share:
Dewalt 1.75hp hybrid table saw
Grizzly 8" jointer
Grizzly 17" bandsaw
Dewalt 13" planer
Performax 16x32 thickness sander
Benchtop drill press

I still need to get a dust collector and air compressor, but I'll take care of that soon.

Who I'm looking for:
You don't need to be an expert woodworker (I sure am not), but I think it would be good if you have some experience with the machines listed above so I don't have to worry about you hurting yourself. If you don't have experience with some of the machinery, I can probably help you out. I used to teach some woodworking classes before I moved to the city. However, I would really like to find a woodworker with some experience so we can learn from each other. I would prefer that you are only a hobby woodworker as I don't really want my machines put into a production setting. Also, I would be looking for someone willing to sign on for at least a year. Moving a shop is a big PITA and I don't want to do it again soon.

If you're interested in discussing the idea please shoot me an email at or give me a ring at 616-633-6300. I'd love to hear from you.



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