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Woodworking Books for sale

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Woodworking Books for sale (post #170799)

 Woodworking Books For Sale

I. Furniture making
Thos. Moser – How To Build Colonial Furniture ; PB; $5
Working With Wood – Peter Korn; Taunton Press PB $5
Sharpening And Tool Care, The Art of Woodworking; Time-Life Books, Spiral Bound HB ; $5
Fine Woodworking Techniques – Vol’s 2, 3, and 5; Hardbacks, Taunton Press; $25
Shop Made Jigs and Fixtures, The Art of Woodworking; Spiral Bound HB; $5
Guitar Making , A Complete Reference for the Design and Construction of Steel String and Classical Guitars- Cumpino and Natelson; HB; $15
Encyclopedia of Wood, The Art Of Woodworking Series; Spiral Bound HB; $5
II. Shaker
Illustrated guide To Shaker Furniture – Meader; OS PB; Out of Print; $25
Making Authentic Shaker Furniture – John Shea; PB; $5
The Architecture of the Shakers – Nicoletta and Morgan; OS PB; $5
Shaker Furniture, The Art Of Woodworking – Time Life; Spiral Bound HB; $5
Shaker Furniture – Andrews; PB, out of print; $5
Shop Drawings of Shaker Furniture – Vol’s 1, 2, and 3; PB; $10
III. Workshop
Woodshop Dust Control – Nagyszalanzy; PB Taunton; $5
Woodshop Jigs And Fixtures – ” ”; ” ” $5
Mastering Wood Working Machines – Duginkse; Taunton PB; $5
Best of Fine Woodworking on Woodworking Machines – Taunton PB; $15
The Workshop – Scott Gibson; OS HB; $10
Fine Woodworking on the Small Workshop; Out of print PB; $10
IV. Wood Finishing
Adventures In Wood Finishing – George Frank; HB; $3
Wood Finishing With George Frank ; PB; $3
Fine Woodworking on Finishing and Refinishing ; Taunton PB; $3
Decorating with Paint – Jocasta and Innis; OS PB; $3
Forest, VA
Condition is good to excellent